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TRAINING AND competion swimsuit

You are just a new owner of a competition or a training swimsuit. You want to ensure a longer life to your product ? So follow those few advise to help you to achieve your goal :

- After each use, the ideal thing would be to wash the chlorine off your swimsuit as fast as it possible after your race.
- Avoid to leave it wet in a bag or wrapped in a towel because it will damage the fabric fiber.
- Preferably hand wash your swimsuit with clear war water and  with a mild soap (like Marseille soap). Avoid any friction on competition swimsuit, it will increase the surface treatment's missing and damaging which allows the water to flow onto the fabric.
- Never use other products, don't rub too energetic and never put on the washing machine, no matter what the product label tells you... It is the best way to wear out your product.
- Never dry on clothes dryer or near to a heat source (like heaters) because it will destroy the elasticity. So prefer natural heat (away from the sun). Likewise, do not iron...
- If you want to dry quickly your competition swimsuit, wrapped in a dry towel to absorb water excess. Never twist, just simply press the towel.
Once it's dry, the competition swimsuit can be kept in a place away from light and specially moisture. And do never store a wet competition or training swimsuit.

Sun cream
Be careful when you apply your sun cream because the swimming pools chemicals, perfumes, creams can damage and discolor your competition or training swimsuit. If necessary, apply it at least 30 minutes before putting your competition swimsuit, to give time to get into and dries on the body.

Your nails
Be careful when you put your competition swimsuit on. It is very fragile and it won't stand your nails inside its delicate texture. It will make a hole so  take care.
The chlorine
The competition swimsuit's texture is sensitive to prolonged exposure to chlorine water in swimming pools. So it is advisable to use the competition swimsuit only for race and avoiding keeping it during the recovery after race.  A good washout with clear water also contribute to take off the rest of chlorine (which have a damaging effect on your competition swimsuit's fiber)
Spas and hot tubs
To conclude, spas and hot tubs will damage your competition and training swimsuit, so avoid it !


After each swimming session, rinse your swimming goggles with clear, cold and not limestone water. Clean them regularly with mild soap on a wet cotton bud to take off possible dirt inside of it, do never rub glasses.
The inside of glasses is covered with an antifogging film which allows a clear view even when there are significantly change of air and water temperature. This antifogging is a surface treatment that disappears during the use, whatever the swimming goggles' brand ... Swimmer trick : as soon as the anti-fog no longer work, a good but delicate licking inside glasses before training's begin is really effective to prevent invading frog on your swimming goggles, provided you do not dived your glasses in water during this training ...
Be careful, swimming goggles which have a glass' effect (mirror effect for example) have to be treated with utmost care. The mirror effect can scratch, or disappear as one goes along. Tidy up it with care (in a glasses case, for example) can limit this phenomenon and ensure your glasses better through time.